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It is really important that an alienated child enjoys their time with you free on conflict or mention of the other parent. Their time with you needs to be a war free peace zone and nutral. This is difficult as I am sure their are things that come up during that time which hit raw nerves and make you either want to respond and defend yourself or find out more to help support your court case. Please resist and make sure this precious time with them is your bonding time together.

I am sure you could be with any child in school or a friends child and easily entertain and enjoy time with them. However with an alienated child we know this is different. So please find below ideas that may help make this bonding and depoisoning time easier.

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PA-PA Team



The web is a great place to get ideas here are a few links with descriptions


A site that shows you how to do almost anything from baking ghost cookies for halloween to building a LED. Suggest to your child that you can both find something exciting to do. If they refuse, challenge them by saying "I bet you can't find something to make that they have not thought of and we won't be able to find." The other alternative if you are in a contact centre is to print off serveral things you think they may enjoy doing and take it with you.


Children generally like cookies and cakes so you may want to engage with them by baking.