Integrated Productivity Growth Framework to Enhance the Transition of Informal to the Formal Economy in Malawi and Zimbabwe

Those specific activities are:

  • Activity 3.2.2 Implement productivity improvement programmes for MSMEs, including the formation of 1500 Kaizen Experts in Member States.
  • Activity 3.2.3 Support technology (including digital devices) development and use in MSME’s

Productivity is a crucial determinant and driver of long-term competitiveness and economic growth, and a vehicle towards prosperity and higher standards of living. PAPA’s determination to promote a culture of productivity and accountability in MSMEs is crucial, thereof we will collaborate with social partners like ILO to join on this journey.

With this collaboration we will address the productivity and capability gaps of MSMEs in the informal economy in PAPA member countries as well as capacitating the pool of competent productivity practitioners required to lead the productivity movement throughout the African continent.

The project was divided into three outcomes or sub-projects implemented in 2 countries:

  • Sub-project 1: Malawi - The Technical, Entrepreneurial and Vocational Education and Training (TEVET) Authority. The focus was on implementing productivity improvement programmes for MSMES in the Tailoring, Fashion and Design (TFD) sector; also promoting the culture of productivity within the sector.
  • Sub-project 2: Zimbabwe – The Department of Labour Administration & Employment Services. The focus was on facilitating capacity building workshop on productivity and labour market information systems (LMIS) for Labour Officers and Employment Officers so that they are capacitated to be able to conduct workplace training on productivity enhancement tools to management and workers as well as being equipped with skills in data collection tools.
  • Sub-project 3: Development of MSME ICT Framework for Malawi. The objective was to create a digitalization framework for MSMEs of Malawi, that will facilitate communication, enhance interaction and improve commerce among all role players from government to buyers and sellers of goods and services in the MSME sector. How ICTs can be leveraged to improve productive efficiencies in MSMEs and as such achieve sustainable economic growth in Africa and particularly in Malawi.


Towards an ICT Framework For MSME Sector in Malawi_Final
Final Technical Report PAPA ILO Project 17 MARCH 2022

By Mokgadi Mahlakgane
PAPA Secretariat - South Africa