1. Background

The evolution of the productivity movement goes through 3 distinct phases which are.

  • Awareness: making people aware of the benefits and challenges of productivity, Botswana’s strategic imperatives, and global competitiveness;
  • Enrolment: enrolling stakeholders in understanding, buy-in, commitment, and proactive participation; and
  • Enabling: enabling individuals and institutions by empowering and supporting them with knowledge, skills, and competencies, and by creating working environments conducive (like incentive schemes, ergonomically designed workplace) to productivity.

Given that the ZNPI is in its nascent stages and as we await promulgation of the ZNPI Act, emphasis for now is on creating awareness among stakeholders.

It is in this light that the ZNPI is convening a National Productivity Summit to highlight the importance of productivity and spread consciousness in Zimbabwean society

2. Objective of the Summit

To raise productivity awareness among various stakeholders in the Zimbabwean society.

3. Expected Results

The Summit will contribute to an improved understanding of role of productivity in the socio-economic development of the country.

4. Methodology

The Summit will be conducted by presentations from various experts from the SADC region who are members of the Pan African Productivity Organisation (PAPA) and Asian countries to tap from the experiences of the countries under the Asian Productivity Organisation (APO).

5. Organization

The training will be co-organized by the ZNPI Interim Board and the Ministry of Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare.

6. Funding

The Summit will be funded by the ZNPI from its allocated budget.

7. Date and Venue

16 June 2022, Rainbow Towers, Harare

8. Participants

The target group of this Summit includes the following;

  • Senior Government Officials (Permanent Secretaries)
  • National Employment Councils (NECs)
  • Business Organisations
  • Labour Federations

9. Information

For further information on the Summit training session, please contact: Mr Archbord Tore

10. Draft Programme For The Productivity Summit